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Christmas Tablescape.001

Excited to set the table for Christmas Day reunited family .. it has been 6 years since we last spent Christmas in Australia. Here is what we filled our suitcase with for our tablescape: Anthropologie – Foil cloth napkins; Amazon – Lace Placemats; and there is a whole host of goodies we scored from Oriental Trading Company to replace the traditional christmas cracker with goodie bags instead, complete with a crown.

Christmas Tablescape.002Christmas Tablescape.003

We will share some photos upon our return of how it all turned out.
Happy Holidays!

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Our Prints on Sale


animation-onsaleWe are happy to announce that our posters are now becoming available as prints here. The shipping options are much more affordable than we were able to offer from our neck of the woods so we hope those of you who asked for prints will be pleased with this solution.

Right now we have put up a selection of Disney classic posters but early next week selections of Iconic TV Shows and Iconic Painters will also be up. If your favorite poster is not among the initially selected or you wish for a different size, please let us know and we’ll be happy to add it to the store.

Hopefully these will be in time for Christmas presents.

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How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

Guest writer Sarah Clare tackles the thorny issue of Internet privacy and offers spot-on advice  to help you keep your online information private.

imageThis week, social media was abuzz over reports that Instagram’s new terms of service allowed the photo-sharing site to hock its users personal photos for advertisements and other promotions. The story prompted outcry about the privacy that members can expect (or not expect) on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, which purchased Instagram and which has a spotty history when it comes to its users’ privacy.

Understanding your rights and how you can protect your privacy on social media is important. The things you do online leave a virtual footprint that can be traced back to you for years to come. If you really want to protect your privacy on social media, here are a few things you can do:

Use a Dummy E-mail

One of…

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